The restaurant is just at the seaside and you can sit in the shade of a tree and enjoy the sound of the sea. It is open all day and serves breakfast, sweets, home made Greek dishes, coffees, drinks etc. We use local products according to the season prepared with knowledge and love. The vegetables are from our own garden.

Restaurant Lakki Village

Enjoy your meal, coffee or drink to the sound of the sea.
Under the shade of pergolas, surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees, you can enjoy traditional Greek breakfast, lunch or dinner at our restaurant having only the sound of the sea as the most relaxing background you could dream of. With love and care in our garden, we produce vegetables, fruits and use our own olive oil to provide our guests with the best gastronomical experience. You can sit down and enjoy our breakfast buffet with a big variety in a peaceful environment.

We are here to serve you all day


Breakfast is served every day from 8:00 until 10:30 with a big variety to choose from:
Black coffee, black tea, sage tea, milk, chocolate, orange juice, butter, margarine, jam (apricot, apple, orange, pear etc), honey, honey puffs, rice pudding, cake, corn flakes, eggs, ham, cheese, Greek feta, olives, tomatoes, seasonal fruits, toast, and homemade bread.


Lakki Village is an ideal place to organize events such as weddings, christenings, private parties etc. We can accommodate large groups in a magnificent environment by the sea. Contact us and we can customize your special event to your wishes and budget.


You can have a drink, coffee, snack at the bar by the pool or even lunch and dinner ordered by the restaurant.

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