Amorgos Trails

Amorgos's unique form of mountains offers the best trails to walk. Until today, eight main routes
have been mapped, aiming for the visitors' connection to the island's unique treasures and the passion for hiking. 

 1. The “Old Strata” Route (“Palia Strata”)

Chora- Monastery of Hozoviotissa-Kapsala-Asfontilitis- Potamos - Aegiali Bay
Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours 
Distance: 20 kilometers

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2. Fotodotis Route

Chora - Milies- Saint Irene - Katapola Bay
Duration: 55 minutes
Distance: 5 kilometers

3. Itonia Route

Lefkes (St. Thekla) - St. Saranda - Kamari - Kastri (ancient Arkesini) - Vrutsi - Rachula - Arkesini (St.Triada Tower)
Duration: 3 hours and 10 minutes.
Distance: 13 kilometers

4. Melania Route

Aegiali Bay - Lagada - Strubos - St. Mary “Epanoxoriani” - Tholaria
Duration: 3 hours 
Distance: 9 kilometers

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5. Pan Route

Lagada - St. Ioannis - Stavros - Krikelos
Duration: 6.5 hours
Distance: 9 kilometers

6. Valsamitis Route

Katapola - St. George “Valsamitis” - St. Marina - Minoa
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 5 kilometers

7. Lagada (Aegiali) - Maxos (windmills) Route

Duration: 45 minutes.
Distance: 5 kilometers

8. Evagelistria Route

Ksilokeratidi (Katapola bay) - Nera- Vigla - Peristeria - Evagelistria
Duration: 50 minutes
Distance: 5 kilometers

The following routes are not mapped officially

Route Katapola - Evagelistria - St. Varvara - Chora
Route Katapola - Profitis Ilias - St. Thomas - St. Demetrios - Katapola
Route Katapola - Pharos
Route Katapola - Vlychada (beach)
Route Chora - Katapola through St. Nikolas
Route Profitis Ilias (Chora) - Richti “Xenodoxio”
Route Arkesini (Kato meria) - Ammudi (beach)
Route Tholaria (Aegiali) - Mikri Vlychada Beach
Route Tholaria (Aegiali) - Megali Vlychada Beach
Route Asfontilitis (Aegiali) - Plakes - Chalara Beach
Route Stavros (Aegiali) - Metalleo

Six benefits of hiking

Almost anyone can do it.

Hiking offers holistic physical exercise.

You can hike on your own or with your friends.

It boosts your emotional and mental well-being.

You can reconnect with yourself.

You will sleep better.

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