Experience the real Amorgos - Lakki Village Family Beach Hotel

Experience the real Amorgos

Our culture & traditions

For the ones who want to explore the culture and tradition of our island, we can offer a variety of activities with each one revealing a different aspect of the diversity Amorgian culture is made of.

From traditional dance classes to local music nightsdonkey rides, or even basic Greek language lessons, guided tours, hiking, and cooking lessons, your holidays can be combined with exploration and fun, colored by the unique charm of this magical island.

Renting a car at the reception, giving you all possible advice about where to go and what to see, we make your visit to Amorgos unforgettable!

Learn Greek - Lakki Village Family Beach Hotel

Learn Greek

Make your holidays in Greece easier and more fun by learning basic Greek. It will make your experience richer, and more intimate and can be the first step to inspire friendships for life!

Enjoy our tradition & have a wonderful time

Greek Language Lessons
Lessons for English speaking foreigners are given in the Greek language.

Basic Greek
You’ll get to learn the basic phrases which will make your vacation more enjoyable, such as how to greet people, polite phrases, how to order at a tavern and more…
Price: 25 €/person/hour

If you need a package of more than one hour contact Annita, our language teacher by filling in the form and she will arrange a special price.

For those who already know the basics
The ones who already have the basic knowledge and wish to move one step ahead can contact our language teacher Annita  to arrange a more advance lesson.
Traditional Dance Lessons
Learn traditional Amorgian dances in mixed groups or contact our dance teacher by filling the form to arrange a private lesson for you and your friends.Then you can practice at the local festivals that take place all summer long on our beautiful island.

Duration: 1 hour
Place: At the hotel's yoga shala or the restaurant

Price:20€/per person/ per hour
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