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We are excited to present our first annual art retreat on the lovely Greek island of Amorgos featuring artist Brenda Grate. The retreat is scheduled for five days and six nights.Join us to learn about creating realistic animal portraits in colored pencils or pastel pencils and pan-pastels. You will also learn color theory, light and shadow, and different techniques for making your pet portraits stand out. If you have an iPad and Apple Pencil, bring them along, as we will be learning some digital art techniques. Even if you don’t have these tools, there will be some great information on how to digitize your art.There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and getting to know your fellow attendees. There will be free time to explore the island, tour the village of Chora, swim, and enjoy delicious Greek food. We look forward to meeting you!
LED BY COSMOENERGY HEALER ANNA MELNIK!How do you have an ordinary life, with family and a job, engage in usual hobbies, and simultaneously be spiritual? With the healer and teacher of Cosmoenergy, Anna Melnik, this can be done easily!Possessing a unique talent for seeing energies since childhood, Anna Melnik studied philosophy, religion, psychology, and alternative healing methods. In 2009, having started working with Cosmoenergy and seeing wonderful results, she realized that this is one of the best systems in holistic therapy and personal growth and development. She began to use it in her practice and teach others actively.For many years, Anna worked as a healer, helping people with various problems, traveling to different countries, and working with the energy and wisdom of sacred places. She then opened her own school offering collective healing and creative space, Holista, which unites everyone who supports a traditional, healthy, and conscious creative lifestyle.Covering all these years of work, more than a thousand people have received Cosmoenergy sessions and completed training courses. A huge number of seminars and retreats have been held in most European countries, but the main achievement is the inspiring feedback from people who were able to improve their lives.Meeting Anna Melnik is also your chance for change and a new life!
Explore the amazing paths of Amorgos with bestselling author  Jonas Saul. More information here
We’re so excited to present our first annual Reading Retreat on the lovely Greek island of Amorgos featuring Jennifer Hillier, scheduled for six nights.We have an amazing, fun-packed week for everyone joining us—you won’t want to leave! More information here
25 / 30 JUNE 2024   The best Holistic Retreat for Women. You can come solo or with your friends and family. This Retreat option has been designed for women needs to improve their health and wellness levels, restore their energy, rebalance male and female energy, recover and heal from past wounds10:00-11:00 Breakfast11:00-12:00 Group Therapy12:15-13:00 Mindfulness13:00-14:00 Private Sessions - Holistic Consultation/Naturopathy14:00-17:00 Free Time18:00-20:00 Systemic Anaparastasis 20:00-21:00 Yoga or Meditation21:00-Next day Free Time - Relax
9 days and 10 nights full board Experience combining Delfinian swimming, dance and artistic creation, excursions and treatments. Awaken the dolphin in you and connect with your peers.Know that the practice of freediving is completely 'safe', far from the cortisol peaks generated by certain extreme freediving videos and that the feeling of freedom and grace is accessible to everyone, at reasonable depths.Descending 10 meters in total relaxation is the equivalent of flying into space - at a fraction of the cost.If you feel attracted by the call of dolphins - that you dreamed as a child of becoming a dolphin trainer, that you had posters of dolphins and Jean Marc Barr's t-shirt, that you see dolphins in the subway (on posters)..., welcome to the Flying Dolphin Company.
01-07 JULY 2024   The best Family Retreat in Amorgos. You can come with your youngest or older kids, family and friends. This Retreat option has been designed appropriate for family needs to rebalance all the family, couple issues, parent issues with kids etc. It is also offering creative time with our experts to let the parents join sessions without concerns. It is time to find your family balance!10:00-11:00 Breakfast11:00-12:00 Group Therapy or Family Time12:15-13:00 Couple Therapy or Family Therapy13:00-14:00 Couple Therapy14:00-17:00 Free Time18:00-20:00 Systemic Anaparastasis 20:00-21:00 Couple Therapy21:00-Next day Free Time - RelaxIt is included 3hours of creative time with Kids per day to let parents relax and participate in the sessions!
16- 22 SEPTEMBER 2024 Are you looking for a Retreat to boost your relationship? This is the best Retreat to improve the communication between lover ones. Fresh couples, long-term relationship couples, couples that thinking to get married soon, married couples, couples that have already kids or any other type of couples are welcome to this Retreat! Let’s find out how to be happy long-term!10:00-11:00 Breakfast11:00-12:00 Group Therapy 12:15-13:00 Couple Therapy 13:00-14:00 Couple Therapy14:00-17:00 Free Time18:00-20:00 Systemic Anaparastasis 20:00-21:00 Couple Therapy21:00-Next day Free Time - Relax
Writing Retreat Featuring C.C. Humphreys! More information here