Amorgos is an ideal destination for couples looking to get married due to its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and traditional Cycladic wedding venues. The island's rugged terrain, crystal-clear waters, and stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic and memorable wedding. Here are seven reasons why you should get married in Amorgos. <br>Natural BeautyOne of the main reasons why Amorgos is ideal for a wedding is its natural beauty. The island's rugged terrain and sandy beaches offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Additionally, the island's clear waters make it an ideal spot for a wedding ceremony by the sea. <br>Peaceful AtmosphereAnother reason why Amorgos is ideal for a wedding is its peaceful atmosphere. The island's pace of life is slow, and visitors will find the locals friendly and welcoming. This serene atmosphere creates an environment conducive to a romantic and intimate wedding, allowing couples to focus on their special day without distractions and can help couples create a memorable and relaxed wedding. <br>Wedding VenuesAdditionally, Amorgos has a variety of wedding venues to choose from, such as traditional churches, chapels, and beachfront venues. The island's traditional villages, such as Tholaria and Lagada, are home to charming and picturesque churches perfect for a traditional wedding ceremony. The island's beaches, such as Aegiali and Agia Anna, are ideal for a beach wedding ceremony, offering couples the opportunity to exchange their vows with the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea as their backdrop. <br>ServicesLakki Village Hotel can provide flowers for the bride, a wedding cake, a wedding car, a hairdresser, a donkey ride to the church in Tholaria, Greek music, or a DJ, a photographer, decorations, and of course, the wedding dinners according to the couple’s wishes. So, if you need assistance on how to plan a wedding, the team of Lakki Village will be here for you. <br>Wedding SweetsXerotigana and Pastelia are traditional sweets, and herbal psimeni raki beverages are offered at weddings. Xerotigana is fried thin sheets of dough, dipped in honey, and dusted with sesame. They are called the sweet of prosperity. Pastelia is layers of baked sesame and honey on a lemon leaf. In the old days, they also offered sesame with honey. Psimeni raki is raki mixed with herbs, and it is sweet with a dark color. <br>ActivitiesThe bride and groom can entertain their guests with many activities during their stay. Cooking lessons, Greek dancing lessons, and donkey rides take place at Lakki Village Hotel. Amorgos is also ideal for hiking as it has a lot of walking paths. <br>Top Choice for CouplesThe island of Amorgos is not overcrowded with tourists, making it an ideal spot for a wedding. Visitors will be able to enjoy the island's natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere in a secluded setting, which will be a unique and memorable experience for all. With its excellent weather, friendly locals, and variety of wedding venues, Amorgos is a top choice for couples looking for an unforgettable and romantic wedding.